Four Must Have Kurtas For A Perfect Monsoon

It’s raining out there, & are you still stuck up inside thinking what to adore? Well, getting dressed is undoubtedly a big problem. For 94% of women have their closets filled with the best of the garments ever, but still end up having nothing to wear at all… Here is the solution to your problem. It’s raining and it becomes a little complicated deciding on what suits the weather. Well on a rainy day you must be choosing any one of the following. Here is glimpse of what you must have for the monsoons. Don’t let the rains stop you; instead flow like the water does… Get out there and enjoy every drop of it…


  • Bright colors:


Bright colors always wash away your sadness and depression. It brings in joy and energy. The rainy seasons are mostly those which cover the entire atmosphere with very moody skies in turn causing a dull day. Adore yourself with the brightest colors like light blue, turquoise, lime, yellow, orange, or pink.


  •  Short Kurtas:


Watch out for those puddles. They are dirty. But would they spoil your attire? Don’t let that happen. Make sure to wear short kurtas on heavy rain days just so that the rain does not become a mark in your look. Pair it up with jeans to have a better show.


  • Flared Kurtis:


Flared or Anarkali Kurtis not only give a royal look but also gives the best comfort because of its graceful yet lose fitting style. During the rains it becomes our necessity to be at the highest comfort level possible.  Light weighed flared Kurtis give a perfect monsoon attire.


  • Light- Weighed Kurtis:


Let the rains not ruin your attire. Try and adore as much as light weighed kurtis as possible. It keeps up your comfort levels as it remains easy to handle. Bright and light gives a great combo for perfect rainy day.

Get out there, the rains are waiting for you. Confuse the rains and brighten your day. Let the rain not stop you. Instead just enjoy it. Look fabulous. Be colorful.

Happy Monsoons…


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